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More About Gretchen the Gray Wolf

Many of our 50+ dogs rescued over our 23 years were acquired by way of what we would call "doggie fate." Our Gretchen came to us this way. In 1991, our garage was still packed full from our move from Claremont to Riverside.

One day, I suddenly wanted to get something out of the garage. To get this particular item (whatever it was ?) I had to go out the front door and open the garage door from the front. So that's what I did and it only took a minute.

But in that exact moment in time, a pickup truck with a big scary looking dog pulled up right in front of our mailbox. A couple of chattering Spanish speaking fellows jumped out and went around the back of the truck and were about to let this big dog out and loose on the street !! I ran over there, I held up my hand and I said, "Wait! What are you doing with that dog !?"

We muddled through our little bit of language barrier and it turns out that someone who goes to the Mormon Church across the street had said they wanted this dog. But they never met up. So these guys figured they would just let the dog go and the person would find it !!

Again I held up my hand and said, "Wait! Un momento - mi esposo...ok?!" So they waited while I ran in to get Clark who loves big dogs. So we took in this big scary looking dog. We put her into the kennel until we got to know her. We had a recent parvo scare with a puppy we almost adopted. So we were a little apprehensive.

But this dog was very smart and used her nose to lift the latch and got out of the kennel. She got along with our other 9 dogs and we got her shots right away. She turned out to be a really great dog and let my little pup Molly bite and play and jump all over her. She was not at all mean.

Clark started taking her places in the car and to school. Once a Native American gal stopped him at the Buzzard House (Clark's Dog Food store) and she said, "What's that you've got in there ? That's a wolf !" Well we did not know she was a wolf for quite a while !

So this happened a few times, where folks would ask, "Is that a wolf ?"

Well it so happened that I passed a yard sale and I spotted a glass table I wanted for my office. I stopped there and while talking to the owner, I noticed his huge dog that looked just like Gretchen ! And he behaved just like Gretchen - he didn't bark but did the "Woo-woo" kind of talking and huffed - just like Gretchen. This fellow told me he was raising wolves !! And this was the stud ! I believe that dog could have been her father. So I brought Clark back over there to get the table and we knew then for sure that Gretchen was a wolf. And she was one of the best doggie buddies Clark ever had.

The point is "doggie fate." I came outside at the exact right moment in time to save Gretchen from being dumped on the street. In the next minute I would have been back in the house and would never have been the wiser. That is doggie fate.

How She Died


The Rainbow Bridge - Where Doggies Go To Wait For Their People

All of These - Our Deceased Doggies Were Waiting To Go With Their Beloved Master
As He Crossed Over The Rainbow Bridge on the Way to Heaven

This Table Was Set Up in the front of the Church At Clark's Memorial
with the ashes of all of our deceased doggies.
He would have LOVED IT.

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