Clark A. Kucheman Memorial Posters - SuperMan, A Love Story

This little Bride Angel shared my grief and sorrow.

My Clark Kent

My SuperMan story

Long Story Short:

1. God put me right next door to a man named "Clark K"
2. God gave me a sign of hope - the apartment with the upside down SuperMan "S"
3. Clark resembles George Reeves in his Clark Kent and SuperMan Role
4. Clark had a Super Character like SuperMan

I had a terrible short marriage before I met Clark. My ex-husband and I had purchased a house right next door to Clark. We were his next-door neighbors. My marriage was terrible and we fought all the time. During an argument, my husband would hit me, and I would hit back and run away.

I would be hiding in the bushes across the street and sometimes Clark would walk by walking his dogs. Sometimes I was able to hide, other times he would see me and I would have to say "hi" to the funny dog man next door.

At that time, I had no interest in Clark because I was married and in spite of the constant fighting, I did love my then husband. We thought Clark was a strange man. I did not like dogs - ha !

The ex and I went to counseling and tried the best we could but the marriage just did not work out. So I moved out into an apartment about 2 blocks away. Those apartments were not numbered, but they had letters.

One of the nails holding the letter to my apartment was missing so that the letter was upside down. It was an upside down letter "S" like the SuperMan Emblem - bigger on the top because it was upside down. When I saw that, I took it as a sign, and I stood and wondered, asking God - who is my SuperMan ? Is it the husband I should go back to - or is it a new man in my future ? At that time, I did not know.

In this apartment, I was having a terrible time. I did not want to kill myself, but I was very afraid that I would. I was so very suicidal and in so much pain. I even tried subliminal tapes. I was so desperate, I started going to the marriage counselor we had been seeing and he gave me an antidepressant. It helped just the tiniest bit - enough to help me get through the days. I would cry at the drop of a pin.

Before long, the ex moved out of the house and I moved back in next door to Clark. The ex moved back to his house in Glendora.

I was having a terrible time letting my soon to be ex-husband go. I really did love him but he would take a sip of Jack Daniels and have terrible mood swings. That was really the reason for all the fighting - two mentally unstable people. I don't know why I was with a man who drinks. I don't drink and I don't like a man who does.

But I could not stop going by his house in Glendora. I didn't want him back, I just wanted him to hug me, to help ease my pain. Finally, he did me a great favor - he told me next time he saw me go by, he was going to get out his shotgun. That scared me sufficiently to stop me going by his house.

All of this was meant to be. All that fighting and suffering wore down the giant chips on my shoulders and softened me up, ready for the wonderful blessing God had in store for me.

I was still in such pain. I would drive around aimlessly in the day, in the night. One day I heard a song on the radio: "I Want To Know What Love Is" by Foreigner. I cried my guts out and I cried to God the words to the song. It was my aching prayer.

Soon my brother Bruce moved into my house with me. I did not want the neighbors to think I was moving in with another man so I wrote them both - one on each side - an apology letter for all the arguments and the police. I told them I was getting a divorce and it was my brother who was now living in the house with me.

Now, I did not know it at all, but Clark, "my neighbor," had always felt an attraction to me. Now that I was divorcing, he was contemplating asking me for a date but he was concerned about my age. He thought I was about 27. I was actually almost 32, which was still quite an age difference.

Then one day he called me for some neighborly purpose. I wasn't home so he got my answering machine. Back then we all had music on our answering machines.

Now Clark loved classical music. Lucky for me, I also love classical music. The music I put on my answering maching was a short burst of Vivaldi's Four Seasons - Spring. When Clark heard that, it really impressed him and it overcame his hesitation.

In a couple of days and he called and asked me to the Kirov Ballet's performance of Swan Lake. The date was in about 2 weeks.

I kind of didn't really take it that seriously. The ex and I had thought he was a funny man with dogs. And he was not my usual "type" except for being tall. I thought he must have been beyond the 5-10 years older age range I thought was acceptable for me.

Then one day, my mother had brought me home and I was about to get out of her car. And here came Clark walking his dog home and passed us by without seeing us.

My mother, who never liked men her own age, looked at him with her mouth open and said, "Oh, what a pretty man !" And that really amazed me. I laughed and said, "I have a date with him next week." And she was happy. That really changed my outlook about the date.

Now as I said, I did not like dogs too much. But I was left with my ex's Doberman. I would not let her come in the house to ruin my new carpet. Then one night, my brother and I were watching TV and I noticed Clark outside talking to the Dobie across the fence and giving her a chew toy. I was amazed. I went out there and we started talking.

It was wonderful - HE was wonderful ! I became soooo enamored with this man. I was so taken with him that I could not sleep that night. The next day I went over to his house and we talked and went jogging.

The day after that, I went over and took some of my books to show him... and I never left. We were engaged in 10 days, married in 6 months with never a moment of regret.

In spite of being the same age as my parents (23 years difference) - my father and mother and my whole family could see right away that now I had found a wonderful man.

God had sat me right down next door to my beloved.

Clark's love, kindness and patience saved my life.

My sister found this on FaceBook. Was this a message from Clark ?
Where in the world did this come from ? It's Clark and Me ! How could that be ?!

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