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Oh, The Professor's Baby !!

NOT !!

Just our beautiful niece who has
grown up quite a bit since this photo.


We Don't Have Kids...



You Know About Gretchen, Gray Wolf (Hybrid), right?

Gretchen Gray Wolf
Gretchen Gray Wolf


Well... we have a coyote mix...

Little Sam



And... we have a few others...





Dobie Chow Australian
Golden Retriever SheepDog Mix
Tammy Penny BlueBell Heather (with Otis) Petunia






Clark and His Boys
Hound Dog
Queensland Heeler

The Boys at
6 Months

Gus (left) Jake & Gus Jake







Spaniel Mix Bengie Border Collie Schnauzer Terrier Mix Terrier / Poodle Mix
Ebony Woody Chelsea Otis Cecil Popcorn






American Eskimo Miniature Schnauzer Unknown Mix
Chloe Emma Ivory






Miniature Schnauzer Chihuahua
Cindy Molly Auggie





Okay, Just 4 more BIG DOGS...


They live in the Kennel & their own fenced-in yard.

A Black Momma Dog, Her two brown boys, and her two (now one) Snow White Girl(s)

Inside the Kennel, Left to Right:
Isaac, Aaron, (Marissa), Megan, Regina (The Black Momma Dog)


We have 25 in all:
2 in the front, 4 in the kennel, 19 in the house

Yes, we have a kennel license for 25 dogs,
They are all well fed and healthy,
Everyone gets shots,
and no one procreates !!


Although we started with only 7 dogs when we moved out here from Claremont in 1989, we soon were presented with dog after dog who needed a home.

And sometimes we do say "no" - but not very often.

With so many dogs, we are literally "house bound" in that we cannot travel away from home together. Individually, yes, but even if we had a doggie house sitter, it would be difficult not to worry about some of the older, more dependent dogs.

And most of these dogs are so spoiled living in the house with us, that some may perish from the emotional rejection they would feel being locked in a cage for any length of time.

Even locking them outside when a repairman is in the house is very upsetting to them. They take it very personally. They are used to being with us all the time.

They do alright when we are away during the day, because they are still in the house in their own usual beds or favorite sleeping spots - and they have each other.

I wasn't a "dog person" at all when Clark and I were first together, I was eventually converted and seem to attract them !! I seem to have been responsible for many of the dogs coming to us directly or indirectly. When we first came out here, I actually wanted more dogs like some people want more children - I thought 9 or 10 would be enough, but I didn't ever expect to have 25 !!

Now, although, as time passes we really need to let our numbers decrease, what I call "doggie fate" seems to know when there is or will be another opening...

And I have to admit, that we are sort of hooked on having lots of doggies around the house and would feel like something was wrong - like a withdrawal, or an "empty nest sydrome" - if we had only 9 or 10 dogs !! - it would take some getting used to :)

Melody Kucheman



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